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Guangzhou Great Healthcare All kind of medical solutions

The Guangzhou Great Healthcare is one of the few glove manufacturers and distributors from Guangzhou, China who can guarantee that our gloves have been independently tested and accredited by the repudiated test Lab. We ensure that the gloves protect the user as described. Safer Medico is our International Brand.

We simply do one thing and we do it extremely well.

  • Latex examination gloves
  • Latex surgical gloves
  • Nitrile examination gloves
  • Vinyl examination gloves
  • Disposable syringe
  • Face mask
  • Condom
  • PPE

We carry out various studies and analysis

Latex, nitrile and vinyl are the three primary types of materials used to manufacture disposable gloves. Historically, latex has been the primary material used due to its popularity among users; however recent concern about latex allergies has lead to an increase in demand for vinyl and nitrile options.

The latex material is harvested from rubber tree farms mostly found in Thailand. Until recently, latex had been the most widely used form of disposable hand protection due to its high flexibility and durable characteristics. Additionally, many users feel that latex provides an unsurpassed level of comfort when compared to other disposable glove materials.

Nitrile gloves provide the best form of barrier protection among the three common disposable glove materials. The nitrile material is preferable in high-stress environments where the end user may encounter harsh chemicals. Modern manufacturing processes allow for nitrile gloves to be produced with a softer fit and feel.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is used to produce vinyl gloves. This material offers an economical solution to those in search of a latex-free alternative for their hand protection needs. Vinyl gloves provide standard protection in most environments. When choosing your disposable glove, you should consider the application in which you require will hand protection. Typically the job function being performed is the deciding factor when choosing which type of glove to use.

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